How can you stay one step ahead in the fast-paced world of online marketing? Having a strong and consistent digital presence is vital to any business’ success. Here are a few simple ideas to help kick start your digital marketing plan.

1.  Link the world to your website

Businesses thrive off of their community. If your company has a good reputation and is surrounded by other good business, chances of success are much higher. This applies strongly to the world of digital marketing.

Links to other strong online content will raise your overall SEO (search engine optimisation) ranking. confirmed in 2019 that Google still uses links as its top factor for ranking websites. You want to have a website with relevant and reliable content to help build trust with your online community. This content will also have to be updated so that it remains up to speed with any major shifts within your industry.

2.  Keyword Research

This plays a significant role in reaching your specific target market. The wording on all your content is constantly tracked and used by Google in order to give its users the most efficient search results. Let’s say you were marketing a product or service that only catered to vegetarians. You’ll want Google to filter out any meat-eaters looking for food online, and instead spend time sending as many vegetarians to your website as possible.

By using keyword research in your small business digital marketing plan, you can curate your content so that search engines can link you directly to your target audience.

There are a variety of online tools to help you streamline your content with aids such as suggested words or phrase usage, character count and readability ratings just an easy click away.

3.  Email enterprise

Emails are a vastly underrated currency in the world of small business digital marketing. By 2022 there will be over 4 billion email users, so it’s safe to say that email marketing should have a large part in your digital marketing strategy.

Having a customer base that you can communicate with via email results in a more direct line of market communication. This is a way for your business to streamline market strategies such as:

Content marketing directly to customers with email campaigns.

Acquiring personalised feedback in the form of a survey.

Building trust with the audience with services such as a customer helpline

It’s important to note that customers do feel that emails can make a business seem a bit ‘’robotic’’. With that noted, it’s imperative to make sure that this channel of communication comes across as personalised as possible.

All small business owners can gain vital traction with their business online if email marketing is adequately researched, and expertly executed.

4.  Stay Social

Social media marketing is currently at the forefront of the digital marketing empire. Building an audience on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. should be a large focus in your small business digital marketing efforts.

With seamless web integration tools, you can quickly release and promote different types of content such as blog posts, special offers etc. across all of these online services simultaneously.

Having all website, as well as your respective online profiles interlinked, also helps boost your SEO reach. Useful tools like Facebook Pixel also help to analyse your platform’s surrounding community so that your online digital campaigns can reach the users you intended to.

The above points are only a few of the many blossoming avenues to success in the world of online marketing.

When utilised effectively, digital marketing will become the most powerful tool in growing your business’s customer base. You can get to the top, and stay there, with proper research and consistent effort.

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