The Best Valentine’s Day Social Media Campaigns We’ve Seen

10 February 2022
Author: Zilke Prinsloo

Special day campaigns are an excellent way to elevate your social media presence, remain relevant, and inspire engagement amongst your social media community. One special day you can’t miss out on is Valentine’s Day.

Up and away with Ryanair

The popular Ireland-based airline company Ryanair launched a social media campaign that proves user-generated content (UCG) will always be king. The brand held a competition on Twitter asking people to tag them in pictures with their loved ones mentioning their ultimate dream destination. The winner was promised tickets to their chosen location for them and their loved one.

A valentine's campaign

A valentine's campaign

Etsy’s #MakeItMeaningful ready-made social media posts

Last year, the well-known eCommerce platform, Etsy, provided their sellers with a great opportunity to promote their products on social media over the Valentine’s period. The company put together a batch of ready-made social media posts that sellers could publish on their own social media platforms to drive more traffic to their online stores using the clever hashtag #MakeItMeaningful. Not only did Etsy gain exposure, but their sellers did too.

A valentine's campaign

Bestie love by Nina Ricci

One brand that recognises that Valentine’s Day is about all kinds of love is fashion company Nina Ricci. In a catchy social media campaign using the #MyBestValentine hashtag, the company encouraged users to post pictures of themselves and their BFF on social media platforms. This is yet another creative campaign that utilises UGC to generate a buzz.

A valentine's campaign

It’s not all hearts and roses

You don’t have to sell chocolates, jewellery, or flowers to run a successful Valentine’s Day campaign. A genius idea by Penguin Books India was to run a social media campaign using creative visuals to create engagement. Through their #LoveInOtherWords promotion, Penguin India was able to celebrate love and togetherness in a meaningful way.

A valentine's campaign

Influencer collabs to spread the love

One brand with an active presence on social media is Bombay Shaving Company. Their recent Valentine’s Day social media campaign involved collaborating with an influencer to promote their specially curated gift boxes and an exclusive discount code. Working with influencers is a brilliant way to boost engagement and grow your following.


Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to create social media campaigns that not only show your followers some love but that drive traffic and sales. We are experts in creating powerful social media campaigns that convince and convert. Contact us to learn more about our digital marketing and social media services.


A valentine's campaign

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