If you’ve spent any amount of time on TikTok or Instagram lately, you’ve probably heard of a new trending platform called BeReal. Interestingly, several new social media networks have arisen in the past few months, and we’ve decided to tell you more about them so you can make an informed decision when choosing whether or not your brand should be present on these platforms.

New Platform #1: BeReal 

Although this social media platform launched back in 2020, it has only recently taken off – with the help of a viral TikTok trend.

The purpose of BeReal, as inferred by its name, is to bring some authenticity back to social media by allowing users to share the real details of their lives rather than highly filtered and posed posts.

At varying times of the day, all BeReal users receive a notification simultaneously that it’s time for them to capture a photo. Users only have two minutes to do this, so there is really no time to plan or falsify any aspect of a post.

The app requires users to take a photo using both their front and back cameras at the same time to show off two aspects of their present surroundings. This leaves little that users can hide. Also, users can only view other people’s posts if they contribute a post themselves, which evens the playing field considerably.

Although this is quite a personal platform by nature, some brands are finding ways to promote themselves using this social network, but this does require some creativity.

The platform currently doesn’t offer any form of paid advertising options to brands, meaning that businesses who use BeReal are having to compete for attention authentically and organically.

Is this the best thing to happen to social media? We’ll soon find out.

Is BeReal the right platform for my brand? If you have the time and resources to produce authentic, on-the-spot content, then BeReal could be a great opportunity for your business.

New Platform #2: Supernova

Another platform that is aiming to transform social media as we know it is called Supernova. This is a social media network where users can share photographs and videos, and it has similar features to Instagram – but with a twist.

Supernova is all about giving back, and they’re using social media to drive this. They have pledged to give 60% of their advertising revenue to global charities. The best part is that Supernova users can choose which charity they prefer, with options like climate change, homelessness, and mental health.

Each time someone likes your post, for example, a portion of the revenue generated will be donated to your charity of choice.

Additionally, Supernova has a 24/7 human moderation model, meaning the platform is kinder, more inclusive, and less toxic than other social media platforms.

Is Supernova the right platform for my brand? If your brand is passionate about making a difference in the world and being part of a social media transformation, this platform is right for you.

New Platform #3: Twitch

If you’re into gaming, you’ve probably heard about Twitch before. If not, keep reading!

Twitch is basically a platform that allows users to live-stream what they’re doing while people watch. This is like going live on Facebook or Instagram, but users can share their screens so that viewers can see exactly what they’re doing. From broadcasting while you sing a good tune or showcasing your latest video content, Twitch is designed for creators to share their work.

The communities that have formed within this social media platform are interested in gaming, programming, video editing, comics, art, music, and even DIY.

Not only is Twitch a good place for brands to market themselves, but it’s also the perfect platform to research the kinds of things that your target market may be interested in and the language they use daily. This means you can tailor your marketing messaging to your exact audience.

Is Twitch the right platform for my brand? If you have valuable content that is worth streaming, then Twitch is a platform you can consider. But do keep in mind that content like sales pitches and webinars don’t go down well with the Twitch community.

If you’re not sure if these or other social media platforms are right for your brand, we’re here to help! We have a fantastic team of expert digital marketing strategists who can examine your brand and determine which social media platforms – new and not so new – are best for your business’s online marketing activities. Visit our website to learn more about outsourcing your marketing to a remote strategist.

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