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Welcome to PrimePixels, the digital marketing division of AVirtual. We offer industry-leading outsourcing services for SMEs in the UK. Originally founded by Henry Walton in 2015, AVirtual & PrimePixels were born through a passion for entrepreneurship and a fascination with outsourcing as a low-risk strategy for fast and affordable startup growth.

““We’ve built a company that is remote, flexible and digitally native. For our clients, that translates to a multi-skilled, outsourced workforce to tap into anytime, from anywhere. Small businesses are the lifeblood of most economies, and I think we are helping to re-invent how those businesses succeed.” – Henry Walton, founder of PrimePixels.”

Together, PrimePixels and AVirtual deliver a comprehensive range of flexible, outsourced services designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and growing businesses in the UK. Our passion for entrepreneurship is at the heart of it all, and fuels us in our quest to help determined SMEs succeed.

Here’s the story of how we’ve grown into the team we are today:

How we’ve grown

2015: Sister company, AVirtual is founded

PrimePixels sister company, AVirtual began serving the UK market with Virtual Assistants based in sunny Cape Town, South Africa.

2016: DeeplySocial is founded

AVirtual then formed DeeplySocial, a sister company providing digital marketing services.

2017: DeeplySocial changes to PrimePixels

New branding, upgraded services. PrimePixels and AVirtual both get a facelift to match their growth.

2021: The AVirtual Group of brands is born

The AVirtual Group encompasses AVirtual and PrimePixels, providing a full-service remote working offering.

Over 150 experienced digital marketing experts

We’re a highly experienced team of over 150 digital marketing experts that believe marketing should be accessible to everyone – not just big brands. We know the power of paid media, and harness it to work for our clients.

  • No quality guaranteed
  • No variety of skills
  • Not scalable to your needs
  • No support from specialists
  • No relationship with your brand and staff
  • No contracts = less stability and reliability
  • No access to big data to drive work

  • Cost-effective from £14 per hour
  • Big agency experience = big agency quality
  • Focus on SMEs
  • Can scale to your needs
  • Always-on communication
  • Flexible agreements that work for you
  • Remote access to your team
  • Upgrade, downgrade or add-hours
  • Deal with a central person who is an extension of your team
  • 150 staff members and five Specialist departments at your disposal
  • Instant Cancellation
Inhouse Staff
  • High costs
  • Having to deal with multiple people
  • Prioritise big brands
  • Not part of YOUR team
  • No short-term contracts
  • Geo-dependent
  • Limited communication
  • Geared towards large companies

This is David

We asked him what he loves about his role
as a social media manager!

What you get when you match with David
as your social media manager:

  • Social media managment
  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Email marketing
  • Google and social analytics

“I am a passionate marketing
academic, with a desire to
constantly learn and achieve new
milestones. The digital marketing world is ever-changing, and it is this rapid pace and advancement that makes me thrive. I just love all
things digital.”

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