Interview series: My biggest failure

We recently interviewed friend and general go-to life mentor, Steve Gwenin, for an informal interview series – My Biggest Failure. Steve is an executive surf life coach, mentor and speaker. But before that, he was a successful CEO that oversaw 200 people across 13 countries. We had an honest conversation about what he considers one […]

How To Use Hashtags

Dive into a world of exposure with hashtags.   In today’s algorithm-driven society, ensuring optimization of your business’s social media channels is essential to creating brand familiarity.   One of the most effective ways to up your engagement rate and ensure your content is seen by the ideal audience is using hashtags.   A hashtag […]

Instagram Photography Tips for Phone-tographers

Ah… the elusive perfect shot. When scrolling through the cream of the crop of Instagram photography feeds, you’re likely faced with a plethora of responses: Marvel, delight, appreciation, inspiration and intrigue. Perhaps you’re even a tiny bit envious, especially if you’re the competitive type! Whether you’re casually wondering how they do it; feeling a little […]

SEO 101: How to Do Your Own Keyword Research

With technology advancing at such exponential rates, more businesses around the globe have shifted to the digital space to keep up with the times. The pandemic has accelerated this process as the many lockdowns, and social distancing protocols have encouraged consumers to leverage technology to cater to their internet needs.     If your business […]

Hacking Social Media Engagement: How to Get Your Audience More Involved

Gone are the days when social media marketing was considered a ‘fad’. Today, it’s an integral part of any marketer’s arsenal. Social media engagement and brand awareness go hand-in-hand, but building a community of active followers who engage with your brand is not as easy as it once was. While many brands are successfully using […]

Friends With Benefits: Why Cross-Brand Collaboration Is Right for Your Brand

Why you should be using cross-brand collaboration as part of your go-to plan    We all know the saying – ‘two minds are better than one.’ Can the same be said about brands? And if so, do they necessarily need to be like-minded? Cross-brand collaboration is a powerful tool to add to your online marketing […]

The Importance of Video Content Marketing

It’s not an exaggeration to say that video content is taking over the internet. It’s estimated that by 2022, video content will account for 82% of all online traffic. A lot of small businesses are hesitant to take the leap into creating video content though, thinking that it requires a huge production budget or someone […]

Simple Email Automation Ideas to Implement Before Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Festive Season Rush

Imagine having six free, extra hours every week. How would you use them? Binge-watch a good Netflix series? Read that book that’s been collecting dust on your nightstand? Take those pottery lessons you’ve been promising you would?   In a recent survey, it was found that 74% of marketers say that email automation can save […]

A Guide to Search Engine Marketing for Small Businesses

The Internet has changed, and with it, so has business. Nowadays, the way we do business no longer relies on fax machines, dedicated hours, or the infamous Yellow Pages. If anything, vital to the success of a company is the following:   Fast internet connections. A website. Social media profiles. A great SEO (search engine […]

Content Hooks: The Power of Storytelling

There is absolute power in the written word, especially in the marketing arena. Even though to err is human, the simplest error can change a consumer’s perspective towards a brand – and not in a good way. Typos are frowned upon and don’t you dare spell stationery as stationary. But, while clear to anyone with […]