Convert leads into sales with these 3 email marketing hacks

We recently told you how email marketing is still a great way to market your business, and we shared some tips on how to get it right. Today, we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty to share some really simple advice to help you optimise your email marketing to start converting leads into sales. Not only […]

Why video isn’t just for large companies: A guide to video for small businesses

Video is #trending! While many small businesses feel that they can’t delve into video marketing because they don’t have the budget or equipment to pull it off, the numbers argue differently. Did you know that 55% of consumers watch videos before they make purchasing decisions? Additionally, 84% of consumers purchase products after watching social media […]

Start Now: A guide to planning your festive marketing campaigns ahead of time

Have you started planning your digital marketing campaigns for the festive season yet? You may think, gosh, it’s the middle of summer, why would I need to think about Christmas right now? The truth is, to pull off any campaign successfully, you need to plan. The earlier you start, the better your chances are of […]

Email marketing trends you can’t afford to miss out on

Email marketing is by far one of the most powerful tools businesses can use to promote their brand. With an estimated ROI of 4200% and an average click-through rate of just under 11%, your business can’t afford to not use email as a marketing tactic. Like with any marketing function in your toolkit, it’s essential […]

Brilliant Content Ideas In 2022

Whether it be social media content, blogs, eBooks, or emails – content is king. Did you know that 70% of people would rather learn about a company through an article or a blog post rather than from an advertisement? That means that your target audience would prefer to discover your business through great content rather […]

Content Hooks: The Power of Storytelling

There is absolute power in the written word, especially in the marketing arena. Even though to err is human, the simplest error can change a consumer’s perspective towards a brand – and not in a good way. Typos are frowned upon and don’t you dare spell stationery as stationary. But, while clear to anyone with […]

2021 Marketing Accelerator: How to start digital marketing

We’ve all heard the phrase “new year, new me!” – but what about “new year, new opportunity to grow my business”? We love the sound of that! If you are looking to grow your business, generate leads and increase brand awareness, we will take you through how to start digital marketing for your small business.     What […]

Golden rules for building a personal brand 

A brand is a signifier, name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies a product or service. Brands exist to differentiate companies, organisations and even countries! This is why building a personal brand is so important.   Contrary to popular belief it’s not just companies that need a brand to identify themselves, people are walking, talking brands too.     The best way to explain what a personal brand is […]

Content is King: Top Tips for SEO Marketing

‘Content is King’ is a term that has been flying around the Digital Marketing sphere for quite some time. And with good reason. Great content is essential for SEO Marketing, and in the Digital Marketing hierarchy, surely wealds an accolade of the highest honour. How has Marketing Changed? In the last decade, marketing has changed […]