We’ve Only Just Begun: Insight into the world of marketing from a female Creative Director

In the year 2000, there was one female Creative Director in the UK. Not a percentage of Creative Directors, just one. Fast-forward 20 years down the line and only 11% of Creative Directors in the UK are female. Although this is certainly an improvement, the growth of female representation in executive roles continues at a […]

A Marketer’s Guide To Creating Short-Form Video Content

Did you know that humans have attention spans shorter than that of a goldfish? In fact, the average consumer’s attention span is nine seconds long, down from 12 seconds in the year 2000. That gives us as marketers what seems like an impossibly tight window of time to reach our audience.  The rise of short-form […]

The 10 Worst Digital Marketing Mistakes – and How to Fix Them

We all learn from our mistakes, but rather learn from the worst digital marketing mistakes made by others before making your own. By the end of 2020, the digital ad spends reached a total of  £16.5 billion in the UK, making digital marketing one of the most dynamic and lucrative ways to create brand awareness, […]

The Best Online Digital Marketing Courses to Kick-Start Your Career

Digital marketing is growing, and the trajectory shows no signs of slowing. The UK has a population of 68 million people, and of them, almost 90% are online. Businesses have been forced to go digital, no matter the nature of their business, and a recent study has found that digital offerings have bypassed seven years […]

What Is Social Proof and How Do You Use It to Boost Business Growth?

Social proof is an incredibly powerful digital marketing tool to use in your strategy and if you aren’t using it, you should be! Not everyone is familiar with the term and if you’re not, then pay close attention. You’re about to learn one of the best tricks up a digital marketers sleeve. It can help […]

How to Start an Email Marketing Campaign for Beginners

Nobody likes being inundated with spammy emails, and often we shove them straight into our deleted items before even giving them a read. Has it ever crossed your mind why these emails don’t appeal to us? And better yet, why businesses still bother with email marketing campaigns?      Now, you might be thinking that […]

How to Measure Social Media Success  

All digital marketing should be measured. Why, may you ask? Social media (one of the many digital marketing channels) offers unprecedented control over every penny of your marketing budget, something that didn’t exist before the rise of Google Ads and social media. If you’re not measuring your digital marketing efforts, you won’t understand what is working well and which areas you […]

How much should you pay for digital marketing?

You’ve started your business and you’re ready to grow your brand online. But you keep asking yourself “How much should I pay for digital marketing?” It’s a competitive world out there for a small business owner and even though you want to invest in your digital marketing, you’re unsure of exactly how much. The question […]

Will websites become obsolete? Apps vs. websites

There’s no denying we are living in a completely digital age. With advancements in automation, online tools, technology and artificial intelligence changing minute by minute, it can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming to try to stay on top of it all. But can you actually imagine a future where websites become obsolete? Or is that […]

2021 Marketing Accelerator: How to start digital marketing

We’ve all heard the phrase “new year, new me!” – but what about “new year, new opportunity to grow my business”? We love the sound of that! If you are looking to grow your business, generate leads and increase brand awareness, we will take you through how to start digital marketing for your small business.     What […]