Top 5 things your website needs to generate ROI

Having a website is a fantastic way to generate leads and sell your product. However, if it’s not in tip-top shape, there’s the chance it could negatively affect your revenue. Generating a return on investment (ROI) means driving conversions. A conversion is a goal you want to achieve by having a website. If you run […]

Our Top 3 Keywords Per Industry

Keywords are powerful. Not only do they bolster your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts, but they also help the right people find you online and stay a step ahead of your competition. Using keywords in your web copy (the text on your website) – and any content you publish, such as blog posts – is […]

Online Advertising Without Cookies- How To Future Proof Your Digital Marketing

You may have realised lately that just about every website you visit asks you for your permission to use cookies. Internet browsers like Safari and Firefox made third-party cookies a thing of the past some time ago, but in 2020, Google announced that it would be following suit with its Chrome browser making third-party cookies obsolete by […]

A Guide to Search Engine Marketing for Small Businesses

The Internet has changed, and with it, so has business. Nowadays, the way we do business no longer relies on fax machines, dedicated hours, or the infamous Yellow Pages. If anything, vital to the success of a company is the following:   Fast internet connections. A website. Social media profiles. A great SEO (search engine […]

How to Improve User Experience and Optimise For Conversions Ahead of the Festive Season

You might not think that a user’s experience of your website has much to do with conversions, but the truth is quite the opposite. User experience (UX) has everything to do with conversions. With the festive season fast approaching, now is the best time to consider how you can improve user experience on your website […]

Free Google Tools for Your Business

Part 1: Getting started   We are all familiar with the online search prowess of Google, to the extent that in the past few years, Google and ‘search’ have become interchangeable words.   Gone are the days when we ask our friends and family to search for something online when we can just ‘Google’ it. […]

Host Your First Webinar to Attract Leads

The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for rapid digitalisation. Of course, the migration to more digital spaces was always on the cards, but no one could have predicted the fast-tracked nature at which it occurred. This digital shift has meant adapting to a more remote way of doing business, marketing products differently, appealing to […]

Reopening Your Business Post-Lockdown Like a Marketing Guru

It’s been tough. But you’ve made it. This last year we all learned that being an entrepreneur means being resilient, even in the most challenging times. But now, with the lockdown starting to ease month by month, there is a glimmer of hope. Now, more than ever, it’s time to put all your efforts into reopening your business with a bang. But how do you get back on your feet ahead of the big reopening? Keep reading and we’ll share our advice on how to […]

8 Quick Tips for E-commerce Conversion Optimisation

There are millions of e-commerce businesses out there and that means you’re always competing to stand out. You might be looking at digital marketing channels, such as social media, to increase conversions. Rarely do businesses focus on the core of their marketing – the all-important website. E-commerce conversion optimisation is critical and can have a direct impact on the success of your business. What entrepreneur doesn’t want success?     So, to increase conversions on your e-commerce website, be sure to follow these 8 quick tips.      To begin, let’s get […]

The Rise of Webinars: Everything You Need to Know!

We said goodbye to conference rooms and took centre stage, online! We traded physical spaces for virtual interaction and attended conferences from the comfort of our own home. Now, with the rise of online conferencing and webinars, this trend looks like it’s here to stay. In this blog, we take you through everything you need to know about the […]