The tactics involved in digital public relations are relatively similar to those of traditional methods. Building relationships and securing placements are at the forefront of this digital arm, however, digital PR has the added benefit of impacting SEO and link building across the web. These measurable, digital tactics provide tangible results and insight.

Digital PR is able to build connections with bloggers and influencers, who are key players in the digital space. These digital influencers often have just as much authority, if not greater reach, than traditional figures, and come with an extremely loyal following. Prime Pixels have established relationships with bloggers in a many industries who we work with regularly. We regularly get our clients featured on guest blogs which contain followed links, impacting your website’s domain authority or social shares.

Digital platforms also have a short-lead time and a pick up may result in a same day placement, or at most, in a few weeks. Unlike traditional PR its also easily trackable using google analytics.

You can completely track the user’s experience from first clicking the link within a placement through to the your website and how they then engage with the site.

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START UP - £295

1 Feature per month

SCALE UP - £495 

2 Features per month


4 Features per month

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

“Before we started with Prime Pixels our social media was only scraping the surface. Working together with them we were able to develop a clear strategy and refine our messages to fully penetrate our target market. We have seen a great ROI since partnering with Prime Pixels”

Lisa Marie, Managing Director, Bushwise

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“Our Digital PR campaign with Prime Pixels not only drove our natural search rankings but it also had a dramatic impact on how our brand is trusted online, much of our year on year growth of +100% I put down to digital PR with Prime Pixels”

Andrew Valentine

Co-Founder AVirtual

Prime Pixels wins A Good Web Guide Award for it’s Plan South America homepage!

"Engaging imagery together with a clear message. There is a clearly defined artistic direction throughout the site with a definitive colour palette. Bold yet refined typeface does not overshadow the images and message, and the user experience is coherent and provides easy navigation."

Simon Liebel, Founder and CEO of Entourage Collection – Good Web Guide