Email copy

Your emails should be working for you all the time! With the right optimised copy – they can be. Our copywriters are experts in email copy, and will transform the way your email marketing performs.

Drip email campaigns

We’ll completely automate your email marketing to ensure your potential customers move from cold to hot over a period of time, with the end goal being a final conversion point.

Email design

Your email marketing is only as good as your open rate. Your email design directly influences how many people will open it – something our email designers are experts at getting consumers to do.

Company newsletters

Keeping your customers and leads up-to-date on what is happening in your company is key to keeping you top of mind. Make sure your emails are professional and reaching the right people.

Email analytics

Knowing what is working and what isn’t is part of a successful marketing campaign. Our email marketers provide campaign analytics, highlighting engagement metrics such as open rate, click rate, and conversions.

Meet our talented team

With over 150 team members, we offer a diverse range of skills and expertise. We’re talking United Nations, Netflix, Samsung, Mercedes and Apple. These are just some of the brands that our team members have under their creative belts.

This is Chloe Park-Ross, Digital Marketing Manager

  • Chloe has seven years of experience in planning and executing marketing campaigns. In one of her most recent projects, she helped create a comprehensive marketing campaign for a software company. She assisted in redesigning their branding and creating a new email marketing strategy. Through this email strategy, the company saw a 30% increase in leads.

  • Speak to a specialist like Chloe

This is Nikki, Creative Director

  • Nikki’s worked with international brands across every industry and oversees the entire team of designers and copywriters. She ensures that all of the content PrimePixels creates is dynamic, strategic, engaging, and overall, excellent.

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This is Vusi, Paid Media Director

  • Passionate about digital marketing, Vusi works with the full suite of Google products and social media platforms to drive results. He believes in data-driven decision-making and enjoys working with analytics to continuously improve and grow client accounts.

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Why trust us with
your email marketing?


“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.” – David Newman.


Studies show that 61% of consumers prefer facilitated brand interactions via email – and this preference extends across genders and age groups.

Email marketing continues to act as one of the most ideal and effective ways of marketing your business. Not only is it cost-effective, but done well, it can lead to an activated consumer-base that come back to you time and time again.

Our email marketers have worked with big brands, agencies, and small businesses alike. Start talking to your customers today.

Over 150 experienced creative marketing experts

We have a team of email marketers that have worked for big agencies like Ogilvy, to social media managers and digital marketing experts that have created magic for brands like L’Oreal and Coca-Cola.

  • No quality guaranteed
  • No variety of skills
  • Not scalable to your needs
  • No support from specialists
  • No relationship with your brand and staff
  • No contracts = less stability and reliability
  • No access to big data to drive work

  • Cost-effective from £30 per hour
  • Big agency experience = big agency quality
  • Focus on SMEs
  • Can scale to your needs
  • Always-on communication
  • Flexible agreements that work for you
  • Remote access to your team
  • Upgrade, downgrade or add-hours
  • Deal with a central person who is an extension of your team
  • 150 staff members and five Specialist departments at your disposal
  • Instant cancellation
Inhouse Staff
  • High costs
  • Having to deal with multiple people
  • Prioritise big brands
  • Not part of YOUR team
  • No short-term contracts
  • Geo-dependent
  • Limited communication
  • Geared towards large companies

“77% of consumers choose to use email over other online channels and there’s no close second place..”
– ExactTarget’s Channel Preference Survey.

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Is one person not enough?
Build your own marketing team today

Our model was made to be flexible, so whether you are looking to find your one perfect match to assist in your digital marketing efforts, or perhaps you want to grow your own outsourced marketing team – we can help you.

Our passion for SMEs has inspired us to develop a solution that empowers growing businesses. We offer a unique outsourcing model that allows your business to access a variety of necessary skills, without any of the hassles of traditional recruitment.

By using our hybrid outsourcing model, you’ll get the resources you need while still having maximum business agility. If you would like to build your own marketing team while keeping your overheads low and options flexible – let us start introducing you to the right people.

We have very high standards for everyone that we hire. Your new remote employee will be no exception!

Email marketing excellence from just
£30 per hour

Email marketing is just the beginning

Email marketing is just one cog in the digital marketing machine. Let us build you a bespoke marketing team focused on what you need to run effective marketing campaigns.
We have specialists in the following areas:
  • Industry-savvy social media managers
  • Digital marketing managers to set your brand apart
  • Copywriters and SEO gurus
  • Graphic designers and video editors
  • Website project managers, UX designers and developers
  • Paid media campaign managers

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