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Chris Farr


3 days ago

Working with Dani, Helga and the wider team at PrimePixels is a pleasure. They are both so friendly, responsive and really know their stuff! Having them manage my social media has been a real step change for my business and I would recommend anyone who is looking to outsource their digtal marketing to check out them out.

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We’re a highly experienced team of over 150 digital marketing experts that believe marketing should be accessible to everyone – not just big brands. We know the power of paid media, and harness it to work for our clients. We’ve been around for five years and were a successful remote agency before it became a thing.


  • No quality guaranteed
  • No variety of skills
  • Not scalable to your needs
  • No support from specialists
  • No relationship with your brand and staff
  • No contracts = less stability and reliability
  • No access to big data to drive work


  • Cost-effective
  • Big agency experience = big agency quality
  • Can scale to your needs
  • Flexible agreements that work for you
  • Remote access to your team
  • Upgrade, downgrade or add-hours
  • Deal with a central person who is an extension of your team
  • 150 staff members and 5 specialist departments at your disposal
  • Instant cancellation

Big Agencies

  • High costs
  • Dealing with multiple people
  • You're just a number
  • Not part of YOUR team
  • Rigid contracts
  • Geo-dependent

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and BE what people are interested in.” – Craig Davis

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Paid without a strategy just won’t work. We have a team of 8 strategists with big agency and brand experience to set your paid media campaigns on the right strategic path.

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Compared to traditional print media, running online ad campaigns is an affordable way to reach more people. We have 11 campaign managers who can plan and execute digital paid adverts to boost your sales and drive traffic.

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If your paid media is not targeted correctly, you won’t get the ROI you are looking for. Targeting allows you to reach the potential customer that will actually convert.

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Paid media is transparent and trackable. This means our team of experts can gather data to help future campaigns and assist your marketing as a whole.

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Our proof is in the pavlova!

get more than pudding

why trust us with your paid media?

Paid media is a sure way to expose your brand to more people, target specific customer segments and drive your target audience to convert. With our Pay-per-click campaigns, we can put your service or product in front of the right customer, and you only have to pay when they click to convert. If it is brand awareness or engagement you are after, our paid media experts will strategically boost social media posts to a wider audience to reach that goal.

Get your brand on the digital map with an outsourced Paid media team.

Meet our talented team

With 150 team members, your paid media and digital marketing campaigns are in good hands. Our team offer a diverse range of skills and expertise. From strategists that have worked for big agencies like Ogilvy, to campaign managers that have created magic for brands like Google.

We have highly experienced and trained paid marketing, design, copy, web, strategy and digital marketing departments to facilitate your marketing needs.

“67% of consumers have made a purchase after seeing an advertisement on social media.” – Newsroom.

This is Claire, social media virtuoso

As one of our social media professionals, Claire has worked with dozens of SME owners across many industries. Claire offers a fresh perspective to her clients and keeps their social media pages ticking with regular, engaging content that is in line with strategic goals and the latest digital marketing trends.

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This is Richard, our web optimisation whizz

With over 10 years of experience as a Front End Web Developer, Richard knows what he’s doing when it comes to web optimisation techniques. He has worked closely with designers to deliver websites with user-friendly design and functionality. His specialist knowledge has benefitted many of our SME clients.

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This is Helen, our Digital & Graphic Designer

Helen is a multi-talented designer with experience in brand development, art direction and web design. As a specialist in the team, she works with clients as and when they need it – on all manner of design projects! She has a passion for photography and her strength lies in creating anything that starts with Adobe.

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This is Ashanti Forssmann, our digital copywriting connoisseur

A member of our copywriting team who brings the digital realm to life every day with engaging and original content, from blogs to blurbs. Ashanti has a degree in communication science, so you know she’s the real deal. In a noisy world of competing headlines, she will work with you to help your brand be heard.

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This is Josh, our Email Marketing Manager

As one of our digital marketing professionals, Josh has worked on dozens of email campaigns for SMEs across a variety of industries. He co-ordinates our in-house designers and copywriters and sends out click-worthy emails to drive sales and build long-lasting relationships with customers on behalf of our clients.

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This is Carrie, website management virtuoso

Carrie has always had a passion for the digital world. Her ability to blend administration with creativity allows her to support clients in managing their websites and help them decode web jargon. She loves building relationships with her clients and is always ready to jump on a call and help in any way she can.

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Paid media is just the beginning

Online paid media is just one cog in the digital marketing machine. Let us build you a bespoke marketing team focused on what you need to run effective marketing campaigns.

We have specialists in the following areas:

  • An experienced Email Marketing department
  • Graphic designers and video editors
  • Copywriters for all your marketing needs
  • Website Project Managers, Designers and Developers
  • Social media managers to handle your organic needs

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Primepixels Media
Primepixels Media

Chris Farr

2 Months ago

Working with Dani, Helga and the wider team at PrimePixels is a pleasure. They are both so friendly, responsive and really know their stuff! Having them manage my social media has been a real step change for my business and I would recommend anyone who is looking to outsource their digtal marketing to check out them out.


Marina Koseleva

1 Months ago

I would like to say a huge thank you to Robyn from PrimePixels. She is brilliant person. Absolutely professional, very helpful, and friendly. I would highly recommend to work with Robyn. She easily can solve the problems and make business ideas work. She is not a star, Robyn is a 5 stars 🙂

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