The brief

Tapiwa Matsinde approached PrimePixels to help with organic social media marketing for Atelier 55

About the business

Atelier 55 is a digital space created to curate, connect, and celebrate the designers, artisans, and organisations shaping contemporary African design, creativity, and lifestyle. Launched in 2010 by author, curator, content creator and educator Tapiwa Matsinde, Atelier 55 exists to connect global audiences to the best in contemporary African design.

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Services provided
  • Social media management

15 hour SMM plan



total impressions


hashtag results



Our solution

Focusing on Atelier 55’s products for sale, we created content built around monthly themes, focusing on country features, mentorship, product features, Q&As, events such as the Paris African Designers show, and podcasts featuring the designers.

The results

After 5 months of regular posting

total impressions growth


2305.6% increase in organic social content impressions.

hashtag results growth


Hashtag usage resulted in increased visibility and brand reach.



The organic content (not supported by paid ads) resulted in 1,700 interactions.

follower growth


The number of new followers on social media increased by 9.9%.

The work


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