The brief

Melanie Wong and her team approached PrimePixels with ambitious goals to double their revenue within 6-12 months. Our job was to support those efforts through expert social media strategy and to consistently create engaging organic content.

About the business

UK Visa and Settlement applications can be a stressful experience. As a Senior Immigration Solicitor, Melanie Wong assists as many people as possible with their UK immigration journey, easing the burden and stress of the UK Visa and settlement application or appeal process.

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Immigration Law

Services provided
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Website and content audit
  • Logo design and brand guidelines
  • Website content
  • Keyword research

30 hour DMM plan



new customers


gross sales volume


ave. spend per customer

Our solution

We started off with the redesign of the brand logo and created professional brand guidelines. We also rolled out new website and blog content which was written by our content specialists, transforming the website into the “go-to” space for all immigration information. We created relevant blog posts that were pertinent to the business and relevant to the changes and immigration requirements for Brexit.

We then developed a plan that would hook prospects organically on Facebook and Instagram, and assist with generating more leads and sales through engaging social media content. The social media platforms were optimised, and engaging content was created to clearly communicate Expert Immigration Advice UK’s offerings and services.

The client believes that the logo design and content improvement definitely contributed to the increase in inquiries and new business, and experienced significant organic growth across all platforms.

The results

After 5 months of regular posting:

organic engagements


Interaction through organic likes, comments, and social shares increased by 1,555%.

new customers


Thanks to increased brand awareness, the campaign resulted in a 233% increase in new customers.

gross sales volume


Gross sales increased by 209%, meeting the client’s goal of doubling their revenue.

ave. spend per customer


With qualified leads, the average spend per customer grew by 31%.

The work


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