The brief

The client approached PrimePixels to assist with increasing brand awareness to drive app downloads.

About the business

Skinfy is an app that allows you to upload and manage all of your skincare products so you know which products are running low or expiring, which products need replacing, and how to recycle them once they’ve finished or expired. Skinfy helps reduce waste and prevents over-buying – it’s about taking small steps to save the planet.

PrimePixels PrimePixels PrimePixels

Sustainability / Beauty

Services provided
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Website and content audit
  • Keyword research
  • Social media platform optimisation
  • Social media content creation

15 hour DMM plan



organic impressions


app downloads

Our solution

We delivered a social media strategy for the client and implemented key activities to drive app downloads. This included optimising Skinfy’s social media platforms to better convert fans into leads, as well as organic social media management. We wrote and designed engaging posts, publishing regularly to improve the client’s brand awareness and performed community management to interact with people via the client’s social media profiles

The results

We hit 100 app downloads within 7 weeks of posting organically – a huge achievement without the support of paid advertising. After 6 months of organic posting:

organic impressions


The number of unique people who saw Skinfy’s content – for free – in their feeds increased by 1,049%.

app downloads


The app was downloaded by 120 people, driven purely through organic social media content.

The work


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