Website hosting services

Our range of web hosting services include:

web hosting services | PrimePixels

Backups & updates

Monthly virus scans & backups to protect your website, plus monthly updates of plugins to keep your site running smoothly.

web hosting services | PrimePixels

Uptime monitoring

Real-time uptime monitoring and notifications to ensure your site loads quickly and is always accessible.

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Tech support

A real person dedicated to your account who can also liaise with your wider team (unlike most hosting services).

web hosting services | PrimePixels

Email setup

Registration and DNS setup of your business email accounts.

web hosting services | PrimePixels

Website migration

Transferring your website from your current host or a staging server over to our servers.

web hosting services | PrimePixels

SSL certificates

SSL Certificates to secure your website by encrypting data to protect a user’s identity and personal details.

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Frequently asked questions

Web hosting gives your website a place to live (a server) so that it is always connected to the internet and available to your website visitors.

Hackers love to cause chaos, and no business is too small for a hacker to target. A secure website is trusted by visitors and performs better in search rankings.

A domain name is the unique web address that people use to access your site. A domain name is purchased and points to an IP (Internet Protocol) address, which is a series of numbers. No two domain names can be exactly the same.

PrimePixels offers three pricing options: monthly, bi-annual, and yearly. The annual package is the most cost-effective at £892.50 per year.

Shared hosting means that multiple websites are all hosted on the same server, with each user allocated a portion of that server’s bandwidth.

We offer fast, reliable, and secure web hosting, which keeps your website up and running so your site’s content is always accessible to people online.

Meet Abongile

With over 5 years of experience as a web developer, Abongile is part of our web hosting team. He ensures that all of the websites we host are secure, loading quickly, and consistently accessible. Keep your site running smoothly: work with Abongile to migrate your website to our servers today.

What you get when you match with Abongile
as your Website Hosting Hero:

  • WordPress website development
  • Website maintenance
  • Template creation
  • Custom CSS
  • Theme management

web hosting services | PrimePixels

“I am a web developer specialising in WordPress development,
design, maintenance and support.”

Is one person not enough?
Build your own marketing team today

Our model was made to be flexible, so whether you are looking to find your one perfect match to assist in your digital marketing efforts, or perhaps you want to grow your own outsourced marketing team – we can help you.

Our passion for SMEs has inspired us to develop a solution that empowers growing businesses. We offer a unique outsourcing model that allows your business to access a variety of necessary skills, without any of the hassles of traditional recruitment.

By using our hybrid outsourcing model, you’ll get the resources you need while still having maximum business agility. If you would like to build your own marketing team while keeping your overheads low and options flexible – let us start introducing you to the right people.

We have very high standards for everyone that we hire. Your new remote employee will be no exception!

Marketing excellence from just
£17.50 per hour

All services offer the freedom and flexibility to cancel anytime.
No questions asked.