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An extension of
your business

  • Account manager + specialist expertise We’ll match you to a dedicated Account Manager who will oversee your digital marketing. Your Account Manager is supported by an in-house team, made up of graphic designers, content writers, web developers, and many other specialists who are at your disposal.
  • Tailored growth strategy Your team will develop a tailored digital marketing strategy for your business. All marketing that we undertake will be in-line with your strategy.
  • Full transparency Time is meticulously tracked by everyone on the team and each week you will receive a detailed time report to see exactly where your marketing money is going, task by task.

Why Cape Town?

Ranked among the top 50 best cities for remote working, Cape Town is a global hub, attracting digital nomads and freelancers from around the world.

International experience

Most of our employees have spent several years working for US, UK and European companies.

Home to international agencies

There are many large international companies that have seen the benefit of Cape Town and call it home.

Just 1 or 2 hours time difference

In the UK summer, it’s 1 hour. In winter, Cape Town is only 2 hours ahead of the UK – ensuring streamlined communication.

Robust infrastructure

Fibre optic connectivity, world-class data centres, first-world transport – all contribute to reliable quality of service.

English first language

UK English is one of our first languages, meaning your outsourced employee will
fit right in.

Our promises

World-class talent with PrimePixels
quality assurance

Up to 50% lower fees than similar
services in the UK

Secure and 100% confidential
handling of personal data

We’ll match you with a skilled team
member that meets all of your criteria

Flexible packages to suit your needs
means no long-term contracts

Chalk and cheese, here’s the comparison

We’re a highly experienced team of over 150 digital marketing experts that believe marketing should be accessible to everyone – not just big brands. We know the power of paid media, and harness it to work for our clients.

  • No quality guaranteed
  • No variety of skills
  • Not scalable to your needs
  • No support from specialists
  • No relationship with your brand and staff
  • No contracts = less stability and reliability
  • No access to big data to drive work

  • Cost-effective from £14 per hour
  • Big agency experience = big agency quality
  • Focus on SMEs
  • Can scale to your needs
  • Always-on communication
  • Flexible agreements that work for you
  • Remote access to your team
  • Upgrade, downgrade or add-hours
  • Deal with a central person who is an extension of your team
  • 150 staff members and five Specialist departments at your disposal
  • Instant Cancellation
Inhouse Staff
  • High costs
  • Having to deal with multiple people
  • Prioritise big brands
  • Not part of YOUR team
  • No short-term contracts
  • Geo-dependent
  • Limited communication
  • Geared towards large companies

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and BE what people are interested in.” – Craig Davis.

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Our quality guarantee

Our stringent values of excellence ensure your needs are always met to the highest standards.

Our quality guarantee

Our stringent values of excellence ensure your digital marketing needs are always met to the highest standards.

  • Less than 4 hour response timeIf not, you’ll receive free hours of work, on us.
  • We never miss a deadlineTop-quality work, delivered on time.
  • Unparalleled qualityConsistently high standards

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